Level 1 Productions Announces SuperUnknown XIII Winner

Hot on the heels of Part 1 and Part 2 of Level 1 Productions' SuperUnknown XIII Finals from Winter Park, Colorado, the third and final installment has been released, complete with the announcement of this year's SuperUnknown winner, who will now become a mainstay on Level 1's talented film roster.

"13 years deep and this is the most talented crew of finalists we’ve seen yet,” claims Level 1’s Josh Berman. No joke. Each and every one of this year’s 10 finalists has what it takes to have walked away with the win, with a level of creativity, skill, and style unlike anything this contest has seen yet.

The bar was raised throughout the week, votes were cast by all the riders, and when the dust settled and the numbers were crunched, Keegan Kilbride was awarded the 13th annual SuperUnknown Title.

SuperUnknown XIII is brought to you by Winter Park Resort, Newschoolers.com, Astis and Banshee Bungee.

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