Join Stian Hagen with Austin Ross and Nadine Wallner on a train journey across the Norwegian landscape in search of ski touring and beautiful scenery. Departing Oslo, the group connected to the world famous Flåm Railway in Myrdal to explore the local ski touring before departing to Bergen.

Not only is taking a train an environmentally friendly way to travel, it also a great way of seeing the landscape you travel through in a relaxing way. The only way to reach Vatnahalsen Lodge in Norway is by train, if you fly into Oslo airport, you simply walk down stairs and onto the train, six hours later after having traveled through some spectacular landscapes, you get off at the Lodge. Situated on the border between the fjords and the high mountain plateau, Vatnahalsen offers some fantastic skiing and usually huge amounts of snow. Unfortunately during the trip they had one of the weeks where the snow was not co-operating, but even then the group had some amazing days skiing, and can’t wait to come back when the conditions are prime.


Filmed & Directed by: David Peacock
Produced by: Legs Of Steel
Music: Train Tracks - Jacob Montague / Enjoy a Paranoia - Dolly Rocker Movement
Thanks to: Visit Norway & Vatnahalsen Høyfjellshotell

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