La Puesta Del Sol

La Puesta Del Sol (the sunset in Spanish) is all about the experience, the fun, the sun and… a helicopter taking off from the top of a skyscraper!

The summer was in full swing in the northern hemisphere as the crew flew to Chile and its capital Santiago De Chile. Snowboarders Nils Arvidsson and Nate Johnstone as well as skiers Sam Favret and Simon D’Artois met up for what was the third trip of the Search chapters in the mountains.
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Filmed By: Martin & Grego Campi
Edited By: PVS Company

Artist: Arrington Music
Track: Andes Flute
Source: Getty Images

Artist: Conway Hambone
Track: Bone Hip Shake
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Artist: Jack Sprat
Track: All Jones No Buzz
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Artist: Music for your media
Track: Andean Journey
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