Early last winter, the Liberty Skis team met up in Rossland, B.C. just after Christmas, where a large looming storm was scheduled to hit the Selkirk Montains. The objective: Kootenay Pass, a backcountry haven nestled between Nelson and Cranbrook, and home to vast amount of easily accessible ski touring. While in Rossland, the crew (which consisted of Zak Mousseau, Max Moffatt, Brendan Mackay and Anatole Tuzlak) met up with Fritz Keller, a legendary local guide who knows the region like the back of his hand. Eager to get out and score deep early-season turns, the team headed for the pass and were happy to be greeted with great snow, which was so light and deep, they ended up touring and skiing for five straight days.

Featuring: Zak Mousseau, Max Moffatt, Brendan Mackay, Anatole Tuzlak
Cinematography: Brody Jones & Peak Media
Editing: Brody Jones

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