"Keep Your Tips Up" Heads Home to Whistler to Conclude Season 1

Sean Pettit and the Keep Your Tips Up crew make a pitstop at Mt. Hood for the K2 team shoot before pulling into Whistler to conclude the web series' first season.

Are you bummed the season is over? Maybe watching episode seven again will help. 

From Red Bull on YouTube

With the winter season winding down, Pettit hits the slopes & skate parks in Oregon with the K2 crew. Back in Whistler, the pressure is on for Groovemeister to find his professional sport. Sean & Callum push him to take his skiing next level – with a backflip. Though his

pro athlete dreams may not have a bright future, his culinary future does. With a successful film season in the can, the Superproof team celebrates at the opening of Groove’s new restaurant – Legs Diamond.

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