Lena Stoffel has released her solo film project, Kamui Mintara. Join Stoffel on her spontaneous adventure to the highest peaks of Hokkaido, Japan in a search for unprecedented powder. Along the way, she comes to understand why the traditional people of the Land of the Rising Sun called these mountains "the playground of the gods."

"After my adventure 'way east,' I was so amazed by Japan and how I feel in that country," says Stoffel. "The calmness of the landscapes are contagious to me. I wanted to go back and explore more of Hokkaido. Wild places, no crowds and more alpine terrain. Terrain which is still uniquely Japanese in its essence. Last March I explored those places and what I found made me fall in love with this place even more. I found the deepest snow I’ve ever skied in my life. I’ve been witness to wildlife which few people see. I’ve stayed in remote onsen hotels and toured in the most stunning mountains. I skied lines by myself all day. And there is still more to explore."

Filmed & Photographed by: Aaron Jamieson

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