When it came time to refresh K2's women’s freeride offerings, the original American ski brand had a few ideas in mind. They knew they wanted to see some interesting new shapes and build off of the same design ethos found across the aisle on the men’s product. But for further guidance, they turned to their most trusted ski testers: the K2 Women’s Alliance. And what did they want? Well, they wanted some big ol’ pow skis. They wanted some all-mountain chargers. And some hardpack rulers that didn’t have a speed limit. So what did K2 do? They built 'em.

Featuring Amie Engerbretson, Anna Segal, Evelina Nilsson, Ginny White, Lexi Dupont, & McKenna Peterson on the K2 Mindbender Alliance Collection.

For more on the K2’s Women’s Alliance, visit k2sk.is/womensalliance.

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