K2 has been building skis with their friends, for their friends, for nearly 60 years. Starting off in a garage on a rural island in the northwest corner of the U.S., K2 believed they could build skis that would hold their own against every other ski company, even at a time when Europe owned the ski world. Since day one, they’ve been leading the way with their out-of-the box thinking and innovative designs, with no intentions of slowing down.

Along the way, they’ve built Olympic winning race skis, the world’s fattest powder skis, and the lightest touring skis in the industry. They’ve played with different combinations of camber, rocker, fiberglass and metal, all in pursuit of building the best skis on planet earth. They’ve won awards, accolades, and praise. They’ve annoyed their execs with antics, laughed with their friends over beers in the parking lot, and left the competition in the rear view with their design philosophies and their skills on the slopes. In short, K2 has been there. They've done that. And they know what they want to do next.

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