JF Houle Pulls Back the Curtain On His Solo Project

After stepping away from the competition scene, JF Houle redirected his energies into something that few Canadians outside of Quebec could do—a solo street project. 

From JF Houle on YouTube:

Houligan showcases the portrait and the on going story about the evolution of JF Houle, professional skier. We follow JF back to his roots in the suburbs of quebec city where everything started for him. Houligan features exclusive and extraordinary urban skiing shot in the most creative way and features the skiing and thoughts of influential people that inspire him over the past decade. The movie is going to be available in November for free on YouTube. More details will follow.

Produced, Directed & Edited by JF Houle and Paul Bergeron
Producer: Aissam Dabbaoui
Cinematorgraphy: Zac Moxley, Paul Bergeron, LP Sansfacon, Marco Gilbert, Math Cowan, Nic Brassard
Voiceovers: Luke Van Valin, Mike Douglas, Uncle E, JF Houle and Henrik Harlaut

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