Holmlands is proud to present the official trailer for Seeking Asgard: Ski Life Stories from Iceland, a new documentary film that explores Icelandic ski culture from a human interest perspective; getting to know the personal stories of some of the country’s most pioneering outdoor industry figures—all of whom have helped to push the boundaries of skiing in Iceland to new levels, through adventure, exploration and hard work.
Shot in April 2022 over three weeks, the team from Holmlands circumnavigated the country, holding interviews in all four corners of Iceland—travelling to Ísafjörður in the West, Eskifjörður in the East, Dalvik in the North and Reykjavík in the South, covering over 3000 kilometres.


Photo by Cameron Hall

The series of interviews focuses on personal stories—including relationships between fathers and sons, female empowerment in the outdoor industry, overcoming life-threatening injuries, and conversations around the effects and impact climate change is having on the country as a whole, and the ski industry specifically.
Showcasing the sport in various ways, interviews take place on sail boats, shorelines and mountaintops, as the feature length documentary celebrates the passion and deep-rooted connection Icelanders hold for the natural environment.


Photo by Cameron Hall

To support the film, you can make a pledge to their project’s Kickstarter campaign before November 1st, 2022, by clicking here—with the film set to be released online soon. And be sure to subscribe to the Holmlands YouTube channel for updates.

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