The latest episode of Head Freeskiing's Kore Stories, Take Two, follows the journey of professional skier Jess Hotter as she makes her comeback on the Freeride World Tour. The film, directed by Jeff Thomas, captures Hotter’s struggles, triumphs, and the beautiful landscapes of Northern British Columbia together with other Head Freeskiing athletes such as Abel Moga, Blake Marshall and Ian Morrison.

Hotter, a 29-year-old skier from Ohakune, New Zealand, began her career as a ski patroller and coach before competing in the Freeride World Tour in 2016. Her rookie year was a success, with a fourth place overall finish. However, the following two years were difficult as Hotter was unable to travel or compete due to the global lockdown.

Photo by Jeremy Bernard / Freeride World Tour

But in 2022, Hotter made a comeback and dominated the Freeride World Tour. She had two first place victories and was crowned the Freeride World Tour Overall Champion.

Photo by Abby Cooper

Hotter’s journey was not just about the competition, but also about the people she met along the way. She traveled with her friends Moga, Marshall and Morrison, and together they explored the beautiful landscapes of Northern British Columbia. In Hotter’s words, “We all get together, and we have so much fun in the mountains together. And yeah, it was, I kind of miss those friends and I miss those friendships. And I miss those views.”

Photo by Abby Cooper

Despite the challenges of the past few years, Hotter has proven that with hard work, determination, and a positive attitude, anything is possible. In the film, Hotter reflects on her experience during the global lockdown, describing it as, “Reconnecting with being at home, which was really, really nice. But I did miss, you know, like having these amazing experiences in the mountains with people from overseas. People from all walks of life.”

Photo by Abby Cooper

Hotter also shares her thoughts on Northern British Columbia, describing it as “postcard perfect” and praising the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the ski area. “Up in the north of B.C., they feel a lot like the club fields in New Zealand. Everybody's just super happy to be there and spending time with friends and family, and there's just no egos on those mountains, and that's really cool."

Photo by Abby Cooper

Take Two is a heartwarming story of a young skier who never gave up despite the odds against her. It's a reminder to never give up on our dreams, to surround ourselves with good people, and to always find peace in the mountains. Hotter’s comeback on the Freeride World Tour is a testament to her resilience and passion for the sport, and we can't wait to see what she will accomplish next.

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