Gus Kenworthy - "Only Human"

After watching the latest mind-blowing edit from Gus Kenworthy, we weren't sure "Only Human" was the most aptly-named title for it, but then we read this from Gus...

"In April, I returned to my home ski resort in Telluride, Colorado for a private shoot on a special "kicker" rail. I was supposed to be there filming on the feature for four days and had a whole line up of tricks I wanted to get done. Unfortunately, on the first day of filming, I slipped out on the rail, hit my head on the knuckle and knocked myself out cold. One concussion, two lost teeth and three days later I went back up to hit the feature a few more times to try and salvage the last day of the shoot. The tricks we ended up getting weren't quite what I had originally hoped for but I'm happy with how the video turned out considering the circumstances. Hope you enjoy!"

Filmed By: Michael Clarke & George Knowles
Filmed on Location: Telluride Ski Resort
Special Thanks: Chris Meyer and the Telluride Terrain Park Crew, Monster Energy, Atomic Skis, GoPro, Nike, AbelCine
Song: "Only Human" - Lamisee

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