"Guilt Trip" Trailer - Salomon TV

The only thing greater than this group of skier's desire to claim a first ski descent on Greenland's second highest peak is the size of their carbon footprint to get there. Loaded with guilt, they decide to bring along renowned glaciologist, Alun Hubbard, who’s scientific hypothesis, if proven, could rewrite popular projections of global sea-level rise. However, the entire expedition is put in question when they arrive in Greenland and discover their objective is beyond the range of all available aircraft.

Shot on location in Greenland

Coming soon to tv.salomon.com

Film Tour:
November 5 & 6 Banff Mountain Film Festival (Tickets)
November 16 New York City (Tickets)
November 17 Toronto (Tickets)
November 18 -20 Kendal Mountain Film Festival (Tickets)
December 1-4 Whistler Film Festival (Tickets)
December 9-18 Bilbao Mendi Film Festival (Tickets)

More to come...

Featuring: Alun Hubbard, Chris Rubens, Kalen Thorien, Simon Thomson, Pierre Muller
Directed & Produced by Anthony Bonello, Mike Douglas
Executive Produced by Bruno Bertrand, Ben Aidan
Narrated & Edited by Anthony Bonello
Cinematography by Mike Douglas, Anthony Bonello
Photography by Bruno Long
Associate Produced by Susie Douglas
Original music by Alex Hackett
Sound design & Mix by Jeff Yellen
Illustration by Jessa Gilbert
Graphics by Blair Richmond

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