From Dreams to Reality: Maude Raymond Drops the Teaser for Her New Project

As one of skiing's favourites, it's easy to get excited about anything that Maude Raymond releases— like No Boundaries. In making the new series, Raymond took it to the backcountry where she cashes in on the impeccable style that she's known for inbounds. 

From Maude Raymond on Vimeo

No boundaries is an idea of what last season looked like for me. JP Auclair's death played a role in this, where it took me away from competing a little and exploring the BC scene more, something I wanted to do for a while. I also took the time to enjoy Japan, a place he would describe to me as magical. No Boundaries is a set up season for the upcoming Nomaad Series, a project featuring other passionated, talented & inspiring people around the world, starting with women.

Every winters I travel to ski and in the last 10 years I based myself in Whistler, Mammoth & Colorado in order to be closer to the mountains, to that lifestyle & my passion. Last season was different in the way that I didn't have a base & I didn't have dates or places to be for contests. I didn't have a guideline or limits. I was moving a lot & couch surfed to be able to afford linking up with people that I loved around the world and seeking for self-achievement. I wanted to start working on some things to create a vision I had in mind for a while now.

Last season I traveled between Utah to link up with Grete Elisason, Colorado with Keri Herman & all the homies there, Japan with Anna Segal, Sweden with Emma Dahlstrom, California with Kim Kirch and finally Whistler with a crew of motivated and determined girls for MAAD's week at Camp of champion... but I mostly continued exploring a winter where I didn't limit myself and create with people in the idea of making "Nomaad'

Huge thanks to my family, friends and sponsors !

From Dreams to reality,


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