Hut, hut, Burrrlapz! Introducing Football, a full home movie from Dylan Siggers and the Burrrlapz's 2020/2021 season in British Columbia.

Skiing may be a sport of individuals, but when you have a legendary crew like the Burrrlapz, it feels anything but individual. It takes a team to produce a full movie, homemade or not, and that's just what the Burrrlapz is; a group of individuals, brought together to make one solid team.

Football represents the return of the Burrrlapz, and they're coming at you with one heck of an offensive line this time around. So grab your overpriced beer and nachos and find your seats, cause this is one football game you won't want to miss.

For more on The Burrrlapz and Football, visit, and be sure to check out our article on the project in Issue 7.2, which is available now.

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