There Is no off season. To prove this, Ski The East picked up some grass skis and took to the hills and glades of Vermont for some July shredding. Turns out you can ski neck-deep goodies in the summer… if you're willing to sweat it out and thoroughly check for ticks.

Subaru of New England presents Promised Land: Season 2, the 15th annual production by Ski The East. Featuring the Ski The East team traveling from Pennsylvania to Quebec in search of glory.

A Ski The East Web Series

Proudly Supported by:

This Episode Featuring:
Chad Allen, Brooks Curran, Parker Herlihy

Shot On Location In:

Special Thanks To:
Cochran's Ski Area
Bolton Valley
Jimmy Cochran

Produced & Directed By:
Geoff McDonald & Chris James

Edited By:
Geoff McDonald

Cinematography By:
Geoff McDonald, Marc Bryce, Chris James

Music By:
Oboy - “Tick”

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