Drop in on the second entertaining episode of our latest video series, Facing 40: A Ski-Life Crisis, in which Forecast’s contributor editor Matt Coté, at the age of 40, continues his quest for the fountain of youth by striving to ski the same lines he frequented in his 20s at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, British Columbia.

Check out the first episode by clicking here.

Presented by: Resorts of the Canadian Rockies, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Tourism Golden
Featuring: Matt Coté
Shot on Location at: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort & Golden, B.C.
Executive Produced by: Jeff Schmuck
Produced by: Matt Coté
Cinematography by: Matt Coté
Edited by: Clayton Larsen
Special Thanks to: Destination BC, Head Skis, Scott Sports, Matt Mosteller, Tom Rosner, Aaron McCartney, Toby Barrett, Andy Brown, Leigh Ratcliff, Chris Vanderknokke, Andrew Sealey, John Cattie, Mike Cattie, Brian Coles, Brent Firminger, Josh Parry

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