Looking for some raw, real and grimy street skiing? Look no further, as HG Skis has dropped their two-year project, Eat The Guts. The film, which racked up a handful of nominations at the iF3 Festival (including Best Short Movie and Standout Urban Movie), is one of the most profound urban-based films in the history of freeskiing, and features a stacked lineup of skiers you may not have heard of, but are as sure as shit about to.

Skiing by:
Alex Hackel
Connor Gaeta
Keegan Kilbride
Jamie Amodeo
Cole Gibson
Christian Franchino
Jeremie Veilleux
Hunter Tyrrell

Produced by:
Liam McKinley
John Hayes
Charles Stemen
The Riders

Cover Art Photo by:
Jens Nilsson

Presented by:
HG Skis
Tall T Productions

Supported by:
Saga Outerwear

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