Drop In On theA6ENCY's New Film, "Strangers"

Working 9-to-5 to pay for gear, gas and a season pass. Setting up spots at at midnight and riding until 4 in the morning; first hits and last laps. Filming until the battery dies, or the tape is full. Run-and-gun, hand-off filming from the streets of Toronto, to the top of Whistler. No sponsors. No budget. No cares. "Strangers" is a short ski movie filmed in Canada starring Cam Keith, Rob Crenson, Jarrad McCarl, Max Hill, Eric Hibbard, Kyle Hibbard, Adam Finn, Matt Crawford, Matt Wilcox and Matt Brindisi.

Locations: Whistler Backcomb - Blue Mountain - Toronto - Tobermory - MSLM
Filming & Editing: Cam Keith & Max Vidricaire (altphoto.ca)
Thanks to Line Skis

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