Dive Into Part 2 of Seeking Nirvana, "Cabin Fever"

Hot on the heels of the coveted first installment of Seeking Nirvana, the Whistler, B.C.-based quartet of Mike Henitiuk, Riley Leboe, Matt Margetts and Joe Schuster have released Part 2 of their Series of Strange Adventures, "Cabin Fever."

From Seeking Nirvana on Vimeo:

Childhood friends embark on a journey past roads-end. Far from civilization, deep in the wilds of British Columbia, time slows as they align with their surroundings. Battling blizzards they quest towards untracked landscapes of powder glory. Through trial and triumph they tirelessly press on. The snow falls, the angst builds. Fever has set in...

Strange adventures await, Seeking Nirvana.

Created by:
Mike Henitiuk
Joe Schuster
Riley Leboe
Matt Margetts

Edge TV ~ MEC ~ Whistler Blackcomb ~ Toyo Tires

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Video Editing, Sound Design and Color Grade:
Leigh Powis

Taylor Loughran

Aerial Cinematography:
Dylan Ross

Colby James West
Jay Henitiuk

Graphic Design:
Alex Viau

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