A mantra is a personal phrase that is intended to use your thoughts as a guide. Before Sam Kuch drops into any line, he utters his own mantra, "here goes".

What began as a superstitious habit has become the final push of confidence used to face any task he might encounter. Everything from public speaking to dropping committed pillow lines in the backcountry. Couple that with a love of music and you've got yourself a serious recipe for focus and execution.

Watch CK9 Studios' Here Goes—a high-caliber short film presented by Arc’teryx that features the best shots from a winter with Sam Kuch, for which he was crowned Standout Male Skier of the Year the iF3 Festival.

Featuring: Sam Kuch
Directed & Produced by: Clay Mitchell & Simon Shave
Edited by: Clay Mitchell, Akailah Yocom, Cole Richardson
Cinematography: Clay Mitchell, Simon Shave, Jeff Thomas, Addison Rikaby, Akailah Yocom
Sound Design & Colour: Clay Mitchell & Akailah Yocom
Music: Degeneration CK9 by Mire. & Bxam

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