Bjarne Salén Releases Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair Memorial Film

Just one short year ago, a slide in Patagonia took the lives of JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson while they were filming for Apogée, a planned four episode web series. For the making of Apogée, Auclair and Fransson worked with filmmaker Bjarne Salén, travelling to Chamonix, Norway and Chile. In honour of the one year anniversary of Auclair and Fransson's passing, Salén released a memorial film showcasing some of the footage captured during their time spent filming for the project. 

From Salén on Vimeo

On September 29th 2014, I lost my two best friends JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson in an avalanche on Monte San Lorenzo near the border of Chile and Argentina. It has now been one year since the accident.

I created a film to celebrate and remember our lovely friends. This film is from our last years together where we skied, worked and had amazing adventures together. We went to Chamonix, Norway and Chile.

Andreas, JP, Daniel Rönnbäck and I started a project together called, Apogée, which means – The highest point in the developing of something. The project was Andreas and JP’s idea, travel to magnificent destinations and create beautiful, touching ski movies to inspire others around the world.


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