Following the success of last year’s Dollar Short, Benshi Creative is back with another creative short film, Mixtape, which follows the accolades and adventures of Parkin Costain, Jake Hopfinger, Lexi Dupont, Zach Masi, Jonnie Merril, Ben Goertzon, Wiley Miller, Ryland Bell and friends. Take in the trailer above, and stay tuned for the full film, which will be released on October 17th.

Supported by: Sweet Protection, Line Skis, Black Diamond, Bomb Snow Magazine
Directed by: Alex D'Agostino & Caleb Chicoine
Cinematography by: Alex D'Agostino & Caleb Chicoine
Additional Cinematography by: Ben Goertzon
Still Photography by: Jonathan Finch
Edited by: Alex D'Agostino
Additional Editing by: Sam Saarel
Colored by: Caleb Chicoine
VFX: Will Bachman, Annika Danenhauer, Chase Deopsomer
Music by: Max Clark, Cartoon Graveyard
Sound Design by: Ridgeline Sound
Poster Art by: Sloane Gordon

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