RMU Outdoors is proud to present a three-part awareness seminar designed to give you concrete tips and tricks that encourages safe and confident backcountry travel habits. Each seminar focuses on a different skill set designed to engage, educate and inspire your future backcountry adventures. Each episode builds on the previous one, starting off with the backcountry basics and evolving into line choices. This series was put on non-for-profit, because education can be expensive and hard to get, but should not be a privilege but should be accessible to everyone. The Backcountry Enabler Series was created by Sofia Forsman, ACMG ski guide, professional skier, RMU athlete and all-around most-stoked person.

This series is for free or by donation. If you have the ability to contribute, please consider donating to the Lisa Korthal memorial fund by clicking here. Lisa was a ski guide and tragically passed away in an accident while guiding in the coast mountains. We are continuing to raise funds in honour of Lisa, in the hopes of perpetuating her memory through the development and education of women in the Mechanized Ski Guiding industry."

Episode 1 - Topic: Behind the scenes. Pre-trip planning behind the scenes of a professional athlete. Using and understanding the weather and avalanche forecasts.

Episode 2 - Topic: Tools of the trade. What goes into a guides pack? Tips and tricks that make or break the day. Know your tools and how to use them.

Episode 3 - Topic: Choosing your line. Making smart terrain choices. New ways of exploring terrain using mapping resources. Applying the forecast and weather to line choices.

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