Angel Collison Shreds Harder Than You

Not-so-breaking news: unless you're a pro athlete who either skis alongside her or can step up to the plate in Alaska and hit a grand slam... Angel Collinson is sicker than you. And by sick, we don't mean she missed a flu shot. We mean she's better than you at skiing. Way better.

If you're one of those macho tough guys who's testosterone levels are higher than the tiger you're posing next to in a photo on your online dating profile, we know what you're thinking: "No way. She's a girl. There's not a hope in hell she's better than me!"

Well guess what? You couldn't be more wrong. And to prove that, Teton Gravity Research has released her jaw-dropping segment from their new movie, Paradise Waits, which very deservingly closes the film, and is the first time a female freeskier has done so. Eat your hearts out boys, and enjoy.

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