The countryside of Sweden isn't exactly the place that comes to your mind when you think of skiing, but what could you come up with if you had to put a limit to the area you had to work with?

Kim Boberg and Oliver Karlberg set out to film a movie in a place called Älvdalen, to use what you've got, instead of seeing what's not there.

This movie, AIREA, was filmed within a maximum range of a one-hour drive from Älvdalen.

Shot on location:
Kläppen Skiresort

Skiing by:
Kim Boberg
Oliver Karlberg
Hugo Burwall
Freddie Grann
Phil Casabon
Yohei Maruyama

Filmed and edited by:
Fredrik Larsson

Additional editing:
Björn Eklund

Additional filming by:
Björn Eklund
Emil Granö
Tobias Johansson
Jacob Wester

Directed by:
Fredrik Larsson
Kim Boberg
Oliver Karlberg

Video cover photo by:
Petter Johansson

Produced by:
Armada Skis

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