Adventures In Transition is back! A year after Banks Gilberti & Jake Strassman's last episode, one of the most sought-after web series in skiing has returned with a aptly themed episode about living in the moment in today's technology driven mentality.

"Content rules everything around me. This rings true with a lot of people out there right now. At what point do you put the camera down and decide it’s time to take a run for the soul—a run that reaffirms why you do this in the first place. Welcome Distractions is the result of absorbing yourself in those types of runs. The rejuvenation of passion. Focusing on what's really important before you're left without those memories, especially during the deepest winter of your life." —Banks Gilberti

Filmed by:
Jasper Newton
Jeremy Lato
Jake Strassman
Ross Falcone

Edited by:
Jake Strassman

Jake Strassman

"Takin A Ride" by The Replacements

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