"A Skiers Journey" - China

Following their breathtaking and beautifully done episode on Iran, Jordan Manley, Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots continue the final season of "A Skier's Journey" by exploring modern-day and ancient ski culture in some of the most remote regions of China.

From A Skier's Journey:

Skiing as sport is in it’s infancy in China, a phenomenon of the country’s exploding middle class. As a means of survival, however, it is thousands of years old, a stone age hunter-gatherer technology born in the Altai mountains where China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Siberia merge. On a vast trajectory that spans 11,000km of Northern China, Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots touch down into the rich past and dizzying future of these two respective Chinese ski cultures. As one rapidly expands, they find the other is at risk of disappearing.

Presented by Arc'teryx in association with Gore-Tex.

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Director / Producer / Camera / Editor: Jordan Manley
Featuring: Chad Sayers & Forrest Coots
Associate Producer: Laura Yale
Field Producer: Jeffrey Oliveira / skichina.com
Script Consultants: Daniel Irvine, Chad Manley
Additional Sound Design and Mix: Jeff Yellen
Motion Graphics: Blair Richmond


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