When planning for his upcoming project a few years back, Fabian Lentsch knew he wanted to travel off the beaten path. For once, he wanted to drop the tourist role when visiting a foreign country. So he left to spend close to a year in Iran, a country that fascinated him since previous travels and that is still very unknown to many. 

A Foreign Native presented by Snowmads, which is now available to watch on Red Bull TV by clicking here, documents Fabian's experience as he leaves his familiar world behind to explore epic landscapes, find perfect snow and challenge his own Western perspectives. Lentsch made a home base for himself in the country's capital Tehran, which he describes as "the most underrated ski town in the world".

When military activity ramped up in January and a global pandemic started in February of 2020, his journey took a very different route. Breaking out of his bubble as a sports professional, Lentsch dived into the Persian culture by learning the language (Farsi) to be able to meet the locals without any filters. From there, new friendships were born and a whole new adventure started for this “foreign native”.

Produced by: NINE&ONE
Co-Produced by: Red Bull Media House
Starring: Fabian Lentsch, Reza Saharkhiz, Sina Shamyani, Hamze Taheri
Producer: Karin Lechner
Director: Jonas Abenstein
Executive Producers: Karin Lechner, Florian Moser, Anton Poggio
Original Music: Nils Baumgärtel

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