Growing old is like a boulder set loose to tumble down a mountainside; the initial momentum combined with the steep grade sets it off at an incomprehensible speed, it barrels through obstacles and over great distances. But as the terrain mellows, the boulder’s progress slows until it comes to an inexorable halt, where it rests while the world continues its infinite rotation amongst the stars and when it comes time to gaze back over your shoulder. The terrain behind yourself is marked with varying rises and depressions.

We imagine the tall crystalline peaks, and the trek to mount them. The tiny yet infinitely intricate snowflakes which fill the air during winter months. The soft sound of the skis beneath our feet, as we carve our paths down the mountain face. Our quickening pulse and pounding heart as we become intertwined with the moment. It doesn’t matter what our passions are, what matters is that we love them enough to fight through the barriers which hold us back and gain an understanding of our mortality; to find the details which define the love we invest in what we choose to occupy our time with.

2 Deep Media proudly presents: Nightcrawlers

iF3 Movie Awards Winner - Best Cinematography (Amateur Category)

Skiing by:
Kieran Nikula
Stan Rey
Jarred Martin
Bryce Barker
Jan Glowczynski
Max Kirton
Cole Belland

Cinematography By:
Eddie Foster

Edited By:
Leigh Powis

Narration By:
Kelly Moore

Written By:
Tanner Wegner

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