Following an all-time Women’s Slopestyle Finals to start the day, day two of X Games concluded last night with Women’s Big Air Finals in front of a revved up crowd, who’ve made their way to a little place called Aspen for the weekend.

Much like the morning, the contest was without question the wildest and most progressive in the history of women’s freeskiing, with nearly every competitor throwing down a double cork, much to the audible delight of the announcers and fans.

Elena Gaskell. Photo by Meghan LaHatte

Following a 25-minute jam session that saw eight high-flying females give it their all, with their best left and right side-spinning jumps counting towards their score, Kelly Sildaru unleashed switch left and right 1260s to nab the bronze. In the process, the immeasurably impressive 16-year-old Estonian made history by becoming the first skier in X Games history to medal in all three disciplines, in 24 hours no less, by scoring silver in Women’s Superpipe Finals and winning gold in Women’s Slopestyle Finals. A big congratulations to Sildaru for the historic feat.

Kelly Sildaru. Photo by Meghan LaHatte

Just above her in second was the always entertaining Norwegian Johanne Killi, who managed to bump Tess Ledeux off the podium in one of the last runs of the night, courtesy of the cleanest switch right side double cork 10 ever thrown by a women in competition, which complemented her picture perfect left side cork 900.

Johanne Killi. Photo by Meghan LaHatte

But in the end, the evening belonged to Switzerland's Mathilde Gremaud, who wowed the crowd and judges with a flawless switch left side double cork 10 and an absolutely massive right side bio 900.

Mathilde Gremaud. Photo by Meghan LaHatte


1) Mathilde Gremaud - 83.00
2) Johanne Killi - 80.00
3) Kelly Sildaru - 79.00
4) Tess Ledeux - 78.00
5) Sarah Hoefflin - 72.00
6) Giulia Tanno - 71.00
7) Elena Gaskell - 63.00
8) Maggie Voisin - 44.00

Johanne Killi (2nd), Mathilde Gremaud (1st), Kelly Sildaru (3rd). Photo by Gabriel Christus / ESPN Images

Stay tuned for two more updates from X Games tomorrow, which continues this evening with the sure to be mind-boggling Men’s Big Air Finals and Men’s Slopestyle Finals first thing Sunday morning. For more on the event, visit xgames.com.

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