The latest installment of X Games Real Ski was broadcasted to the masses late last night on ESPN 2, with six of the most eclectic urban skiers in the world battling it out in the streets for their shot at the coveted gold medal.

Each athlete had three months to film and edit a 90-second part, and when it was all said and done, the judging panel (which consisted of five legends and former competitors: Tom Wallisch, Mike Hornbeck, JF Houle, Khai Krepela and LJ Strenio) handed the win to last year’s fan favourite, Jake “Mango” Mageau, for his beyond mind-boggling and physics-defying entry.


In second was the lone Canadian in the hunt, Emile Bergeron, who after dreaming of competing in the event since its inception, took advantage of the opportunity by sliding some the biggest features and most creative surfaces of the field.


And rounding out the podium was Alex Hackel, who put forth a head-scratching performance complete with a handful of features that had never been thought of before, and in addition to the bronze medal, was bestowed the Fan Favourite Award for his efforts.


Also in the mix was Andorran style master Noah Albaladejo, who’s longtime prowess in the streets made for one of the slickest edits of the bunch, Sweden’s Jesper Tjader, who put his upside-down wizardry on full display between pounding a different type of proverbial pavement on the contest circuit, and newcomer Sam Zahner, who was slotted in to the contest on short notice following an injury to last year’s winner, Phil Casabon, and more than made it count.




Congratulations to this year’s medalists and competitors for another game-changing year, and for more on X Games Real Ski, visit xgames.com.

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