Another X Games in Aspen, Colorado is in the books, as the final freeskiing contest of the weekend, Men’s Slopestyle Finals, took place today at the crack of Noon.

Following Thursday’s elimination round, in which seven skiers made the cut to compete against last year’s top three, Henrik Harlaut, Oystein Braten and James Woods (who was fourth, but subbed in for the injured Andri Ragettli), the 10 athletes took to the immaculate slopestyle course (which was constructed by the hard-working team of sculptors at Snow Park Technologies) under unusually milky skies following the ever-present sun the event has been blessed by all week.

Oystein Braten. Photo by Meghan LaHatte

After a difficult day for the majority of the field, many of whom had trouble linking high consequence trickery in the tight rail section, Ferdinand Dahl brought home another medal for Norway by taking third with some technical mastery of the rails followed by a unique forward right double cork bio 12 and back-to-back right and left side switch double cork 14s on the jumps.

Ferdinand Dahl. Photo by Meghan LaHatte

In second, who we put forth as one to watch in our previous update, was Canada’s Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, who has been on fire all year, and proved it yet again by laying down one of the toughest rail lines in the field followed by a switch right double 9, forward left double misty 12 and switch left triple 12 to score his second silver medal at this year’s event after his phenomenal performance in Big Air roughly 12 hours before.

Alex Beaulieu-Marchand. Photo by Meghan LaHatte

And in first, after an already red hot start to the season, was the American Alex Hall, who was without question the cleanest competitor of the day on the rails and grabbed the most creatively on the jumps, with a forward left double cork 16 to switch left double cork 14 to switch right double cork 12.

Alex Hall. Photo by Meghan LaHatte


1) Alex Hall - 95.66
2) Alex Beaulieu-Marchand - 92.66
3) Ferdinand Dahl - 80.33
4) Henrik Harlaut - 78.33
5) Jesper Tjader - 77.66
6) Oystein Braten - 77.00
7) Willie Borm - 75.33
8) Nick Goepper - 66.33
9) Phil Langevin - 59.33
10) James Woods - 43.66

Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (2nd), Alex Hall (1st), Ferdinand Dahl (3rd). Photo by Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images

This concludes our coverage on X Games in Aspen, Colorado. Thanks for tuning in, and more on the event, visit xgames.com.

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