Canadians can now register to join incomplete quadriplegics Jim Mullan and Mike Shaw in their mission to run across the country on May 3rd. Both from opposite ends of the country, the two hope to get enough supporters help them complete the 5,500 kilometre distance from Vancouver to Halifax, in the Wings for Life World Run. Tracked through the use of an app, any participating Canadian’s kilometres will go towards their national mission. Sign up now using the Wings for Life World Run App and register to any of the nine Canadian runs across the country.  100% of proceeds from the run will go to the Wings for Life Foundation.

Mike Shaw. Photo by Marlon Soriano

Seeing tremendous success in 2019, #TeamCoast2Coast has grown to over a dozen remarkable ambassadors leading App Runs across this May. Each know first-hand the devastating realities of spinal cord injuries and urge fellow Canadians to contribute as many kilometres as they can—by ‘running for those who can’t’. 

Jim and Mike have the honor to be joined by former professional mountain biker Andrew Cho (Vancouver), Paralympic hall of famer Josh Dueck (Vernon), Olivia Rey (Whistler), inspiring Humboldt survivor Ryan Straschnitzki (Calgary), bodybuilder Shane Dyck (Winnipeg), mental health advocate Brody Grusko (Winnipeg), race car driver Pauly Plewa (Toronto), sledge hockey Paralympian Kevin Rempel (Toronto), marathon runner Robert MacDonald (Toronto), former professional wakeboarder Ben Leclair (Montreal) and returning ambassadors Erin Saari and Connor Hirtle (Halifax).

Through the use of a smart phone, anyone, anywhere can join this global movement. By activating the Wings for Life World Run app, runners can take part in the run, chased by a virtual Catcher Car, at the same time as all Wings for Life World Runners across the globe. People can set out their own course and run individually or join a group at the App Run locations around the world. The format is fun and unique, with a “Catcher Car” that chases runners as a moving finish line.

Download the free app by clicking here.

Photo by Damian Kramski

The below Organized App Runs have been confirmed for Canada, with more being added regularly.

• #TeamCoast2Coast VANCOUVER – led by Mike Shaw & Andrew Cho & Vancouver Run Co.
• #TeamCoast2Coast VERNON – led by Josh Dueck
• #TeamCoast2Coast WHISTLER – led by Olivia Rey
• #TeamCoast2Coast CALGARY – led Ryan Straschnitzki 
• #TeamCoast2Coast WINNIPEG – led by Brody Grusko & Shane Dyck
• #TeamCoast2Coast TORONTO – led by Kevin Rempel & Robert MacDonald & Pauly Plewa
• #TeamCoast2Coast LONDON – led by team SMILES
• #TeamCoast2Coast MONTREAL – led by Ben LeClair
• #TeamCoast2Coast HALIFAX – led by Jim Mullan

Through partnerships and support, 100% of funds raised by the Wings for Life World Run go to the most promising research projects around the world to help regenerate the injured spinal cord. Over the years, contributions have funded 34 Canadian studies to date, 7 of which are ongoing until 2021. Globally, 63 studies are ongoing and over 211 studies have received support since 2005. Full details on each individual study can be found by clicking here.       

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