Looking for a unique backcountry experience this summer? Then do yourself a favour and look into the brand spanking new summer operations at Whitecap Alpine Lodge near Pemberton, British Columbia. A renowned ski touring lodge in the winter, Whitecap is offering anyone and everyone the chance to come on up, unplug, and take advantage of some seriously breathtaking vistas for a hiking adventure that you won’t soon forget. Leading the charge is Leah Evans, the pioneering visionary behind Girls Do Ski, Canada’s leading female-focused freeski camps. Evans is spearheading the new summer program, and we recently had the chance to catch up with her to get the scoop on what it’s all about.

Photo by Agathe Bernard

Hey Leah. How was your winter, and what’d you get up to?

My winter was great. I went to Japan for a Girls Do Ski camp, then spent the rest of the winter around Revelstoke ski touring and running Girls Do Ski camps. The skiing was great, and even though we went through a month-long drought, it meant the stability was good and we were able to ski lines and zones we’ve never skied before. It was an exploratory winter and I was able to progress my technical skills. That being said, I was all prepped for a big spring time mission with Marie-France Roy, but our weather window got shut down, so fingers crossed we get to do it next year. 

Photo courtesy of Girls Do Ski

What’s the latest and greatest on Girls Do Ski, and how did that program go this season?

We had an amazing season this year and hosted a record amount of camps at 14. We had everything from an intro to ski touring to resort camp to guide training course and beyond. I’m so stoked on all of the ladies who came out this year. It’s been so amazing to see the female ski community grow year after year. 

Photo by Justen Bruns

In addition to that longstanding labour of love of yours, you’ve got a new initiative on the go over the summer. Tell us about it. 

Yes, in the summer I’m a ACMG hiking guide and have spent years bouncing all over the province guiding in different locations. This summer I’ve committed to minimizing my travel and have taken on the role as the program director at Whitecap Alpine Lodge just outside of Pemberton, British Columbia, The lodge has been operating during the winter for many years, but they’ve never had a summer program, and now I get to help create one centered around hiking. My goal is to use hiking as a vessel for learning more and increasing people’s backcountry stewardship. 

Photo by Justen Bruns

For those who don’t know anything about Whitecap Alpine Lodge, give everyone the scoop on what it’s all about.

Whitecap is located just outside of Darcy, which is north of Pemberton, and was started by Ron Andrews, but it’s since been taken over by his son Lars, who is an IFMGA mountain guide. The father-son duo has been running a winter lodge for over 30 years and it’s one of the only backcountry ski touring lodges on the coast. It’s an amazing destination for ski touring, as it’s in a wide valley called McGillivray Pass, and you can choose your own adventure from the lodge. It’s a gem on the sea-to-sky corridor.  

Photo by Paul Wright

Why should people take a good hard look at paying Whitecap a visit this summer versus just going on your average backcountry hike off the side of the road?

If people are wanting to get deeper in the backcountry and avoid the crowds this is definitely the experience for them. The lodge is the perfect place to unwind, unplug and really be immersed in nature. Our hiking guides will take you on a tour of the area and introduce you to flora and fauna, history, and educate you on the local wildlife. 

Photo by Paul Wright

Is there anything else unique that people can take advantage of during a summer excursion to Whitecap?

Yes! We’ve got a bunch of new happenings included a floating sauna on an alpine lake. Or our events deck, which will host up some amazing curated programs next year. We also are expanding our trail network so all you alpine runners and hikers can choose to do a short or monster day.  

Photo by Robin Bonner

And how can they go about making it happen?

Check out our website and whitecapalpine.ca and see if there is a trip that catches your eye. We currently have three or four-day trips and pricing is according to how many days you’d like to join us for. We also book out the lodge for private events such as weddings, family gatherings, birthday parties, etc. in your own alpine paradise. If you want to learn more or have any questions you can send us an email at info@whitecapalpine.ca. I’m also currently working on some kick-ass programming for our curated trips next year, so stay tuned for those, because they’re going to fill up fast. 

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