Turning The Page On iF3

For all of us here at Forecast, and the freeski community as a whole, we have some sad news to report today… This morning, Felix Rioux, the President and Co-Founder of the International Freeski Film Festival (iF3), announced his departure from iF3, along with a company restructure and plans for the future of the biggest freeski film festival on the planet. Give Rioux’s heartfelt letter below a read for all the details.

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Turning the page on iF3

It has been an amazing trip these past nine years since we first put the International Freeski Film Festival in 2007. We set out to create a true and unique independent film festival dedicated to seeking, recognizing and celebrating the best talent in freeskiing... along with throwing the biggest ski party of the year. 

I’m proud of what iF3 and the Movie Awards have brought to the ski community over the years. We’ve spread the hype to the four corners of the globe, showcased the best ski films, recognized up-and-coming talent and partied more times than we can remember. However, the landscape for producing large-scale ski lifestyle events is evolving. It is unfortunately no longer a viable project for us, and a company restructure was necessary.

 Since all good things must come to an end, my time as president of iF3 and leading partner is now officially over. After a lot of dedication, passion and many personal sacrifices to this project, I’m returning full-time to my original vocation: photography. In similar spirit, my associate LP Sansfaçon will be focusing on his video production company LP Productions. He'll be available on a case by case basis, depending on production needs of future projects.

As a result, I’m passing the torch to David Zorko, who has been my right hand man for the past two years. I’ll stick around strictly as a shareholder, but making space for David and Josh Wisenthal to run the company.

The iF3 will not be producing events this year, but will be focusing on licensing other promoters to do their own shows, as we have been doing in London, Amsterdam and Japan for the past couple of years. A licensed event in Montreal is in the works, though very different from others held in the past. A few more dates and cities are also to be confirmed in the coming months. We’ll be offering licensees branding, communications and sales services, as well as a film catalog to build their programming.

iF3 Movie Awards

I’m sure that many filmmakers and athletes will be disappointed to hear that there will be no awards ceremony this year. It is clearly unfortunate, and probably what makes me the saddest about leaving iF3. Just like our other licensed events, we are looking for potential candidates interested in taking on the task of producing, or hosting, the industry’s only and original independent ski film award ceremony. In any case, iF3 will still be curating the best ski films to offer them to our international iF3 Ski Movies & Party events.

I want to thank everyone who has been involved in iF3 and who has contributed to helping me make it successful. It’s been a pleasure to work and hang out with you along this journey. Hopefully we’ll cross paths again in the future. —FELIX RIOUX

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