Today at X Games: Jossi Wells Takes Home the Gold in Slopestyle

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Gold medalist Jossi Wells hugs it out with silver medalist Gus Kenworthy. Photo: Ilanna Barkusky

The same snow that plagued last night's X Games Big Air brought some headaches to the men's slopestyle contest today. Despite the less than ideal conditions, Andri Ragettli kicked things off by lacing up a leftside triple cork 1440 to a righside triple cork 1440 on the first run of the contest. 

Ultimately, the day belonged to Jossi Wells who ruled the rail section with creativity and leaned on a few of his old faithfuls in the jump section, including his switch double cork 1440. After 10 years of competing at X Games, Well's win marked his first X Games gold medal. Wells was followed on the podium by Gus Kenworthy—taking home his second silver medal of the weekend—and Oystein Braten, who competed despite taking a gnarly crash in practice. 

Canadians Alex Bellemare and Evan McEachran both missed the podium, but flexed some serious podium contention. Bellemare dumped out his handdrag double flatspin 720 and McEachran struggled with his rightside triple cork 1620 on the final jump.

Watch the winning runs below.

Jossi Wells' gold medal winning run. 

Gus Kenworthy's silver medal winning run. 

Oystein Braaten bronze medal winning run. 

Men's Slopestyle Final Results

1Jossi Wells90.00
2Gus Kenworthy87.33
3Oystein Braaten84.33
4James Woods83.00
5Bobby Brown82.66
6Andri Ragettli80.33
7McRae Williams74.66
8Alex Bellemare66.33
9Joss Christensen60.66
10Henrik Harlaut59.00
11Nick Goepper55.33
12Evan McEachran28.66

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