The Winners and Losers of Cold Rush 2016

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Just a buncha' winners. Photo: Persaud

After parking in Revelstoke for just shy of a week, Cold Rush 2016 wrapped up during the early hours of Sunday morning at the Traverse night club. While much of the event happened away from the public due to weather-flexible schedules and venue locations, the conclusion of Cold Rush 2016 was all about pulling back the curtain and letting the public join the fun. 

To give the event a proper send off, the enormous crew at Freeride Entertainment managed to amalgamate all of the shots from each competition run during the week—two big mountain runs and one cliff run—into one video shown to the public and competitors on Saturday night at the Roxy Theatre in downtown Revelstoke. Athletes then scored each other on the runs during the screening, with the winners announced a few blocks away from the theatre at the Traverse. For the men, climbing atop the podium was Kye Petersen with 93.50 points, followed by Johnny Collinson with 83.50 points and Greg Hope with 80.50 points. 

Red Bull Cold Rush 2016 People's Choice - Kye Petersen

Watch Kye Petersen's best moments from #ColdRush2016 and click share to help him win Red Bull Cold Rush 2016 People's Choice Award.

Posted by Snow on Monday, February 8, 2016

Kye Petersen's winning footage. 

On the women's side of the action, Angel Collinson claimed first place with 69.30 points, Tatum Monod took second with 65.90 points and Lexi DuPont took third with 57.80 points.

Red Bull Cold Rush 2016 People's Choice - Angel Collinson

Watch Angel Collinson's best moments from #ColdRush2016 and click share to help her win Red Bull Cold Rush 2016 People's Choice Award.

Posted by Snow on Monday, February 8, 2016

Angel Collinson's winning footage. 

But the awards aren't done yet. The People's Choice Award is yet to be dolled out, and until 18:00 PST on February 10, you can have a say in who takes home that award. To help you make your decision, we've compiled a list of winners and losers from the contest below. 


  • Revelstoke Mountain Resort locals —because they have unlimited access to the terrain that competitors drooled over all week.
  • Stan Rey—we at Forecast will not let you forget about how badass Rey’s go for broke gusto is.
  • Angel Collinson—because she actually won. That’s a fact.
  • Angel Collinson again—because the jury is still out on whether or not she actually made any turns during the second half of her first big mountain run.
  • Kye Petersen—because he kicked open the doors on the contest by doing the first 720 of the week. And because he actually won.
  • Johnny Collinson—because he gave himself a bloody nose from stomping a 360 so hard during the cliffs contest. 
  • The community of Revelstoke for the bountiful supply of Red Bull that followed the contest into town. 
  • Tatum Monod—because she continued to prove that she skis like the most elegant dump truck of all time. Nothing knocks her off her feet, but she always looks good.
  • Greg Hope—for changing the conversations around him throughout the week from “Who the hell is that guy?” to “God damn, did you see Greg's run?"
  • Sean Pettit for finding a cliff on the first run of the big mountain contest that most people didn’t even realize was an option. 
  • The Mackenzie Common Tavern for putting out a meatball sandwich lusted after by everyone involved in the event.
  • Sammy Carlson for possessing that floatiest style.


  • Anyone who doesn't vote in the People's Choice Award, which you can do so by sharing the edit of the athlete you think should win on Facebook. View all the edits over on

Update: The People's Choice Award has been doled, the results of which can be found here

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