The Best Kind of Down Day: Cold Rush Day Three

Cold rush day three scott serfas 3

As with any ski event, there are many actors that play an integral part in the staging of Cold Rush 2016. In descending rank, the priority of casted actors in order to for the backcountry slopestyle event, the third and final component of Cold Rush 2016, to go off: Riley Leboe and crew's hard work to build the jumps, excessive amounts of breakfast sausages in the athlete lounge the morning of, snow and sunshine. On Friday morning organizers at Red Bull had three of four in place. They had Leboe's jump creations built, they had the copious amounts of breakfast sausages, they had the snow—perhaps too much new snow, but they lacked sunshine. Due to the expenditure of a weather day on Tuesday's attempt to run the big mountain portion of the contest, Friday was the only kick at the cat. 

Fortunately for everyone, neither the athletes nor event organizers are a bunch of nose pickers. So when the call was made to forego the backcountry slopestyle and summit assault component of the contest due to low visibility and new snow, no one ate their own boogers. Instead plans were quickly made to forgo any competitive components of the day in favour of catskiing just for kicks leading stoke levels to their highest point of the contest. 

Wrapping up the contest, athletes will have a chance pick a winner amongst themselves tonight after watching footage from the week at the Roxy Theatre in Revelstoke. The showing starts at 7:00 p.m. and tickets are available to the general public. In scoring each other, athletes can allocate up to 50 points to each skier for their performances during the big mountain and cliff competitions for a total of 100 points maximum. 

But the winnings don't stop there. Starting February 8th at 9:00 a.m. PST the general public will have the chance to choose the winner of the People's Choice Award. The award will be given to the video with the most shares by 6:00 p.m. PST on February 10, with the winner announced the following day. 

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