The annual private spring park shoot previously known as Today’s Canvas is returning to Stoneham, Quebec at the end of this month.

JF Houle. Photo by Renaud Gagnon

Last year, Today’s Parks were the masterminds behind a successful three days of shooting with Canvas. This year the Houle brothers (pro skier JF and snowcat driver Nicolas) are taking the lead in collaboration with Today’s Parks to create a new playground called The Backyard Session. Once again, the event will bring together all of the best skiers and snowboarders coming out of Quebec to perform in front of talented filmmakers and photographers while shooting for a fresh video concept.

Nicolas and JF Houle. Photo by Felix Rioux

The Backyard Session will take place in the Stoneham 418 Snow Park Zone, and include a 60-foot step over jump and a special rail set up designed just for the event. More than 15 invited riders are going to be attending the session, including Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, Phil Langevin, JF Houle, Emile Bergeron, Alex Bellemare, Laurie Blouin, Frank Bourgeois, and more.

Emile Bergeron. Photo by Joc Cadieux

The Stoneham private shoot has become a tradition, and is certainly a rare opportunity to see these kind of park features on the East Coast. Stay tuned for more on the event, and make sure to check out the full video project, dropping this fall.

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