The Association of Freeskiing Professionals & TTR Pro Snowboarding Announce Strategic Alliance

The Association of Freeskiing Professionals (AFP), founders of the AFP World Tour, and TTR Pro Snowboarding, curators of the World Snowboard Tour, announced a strategic alliance this morning to benefit the future of competitive freeskiing and snowboarding. Check out the full press release below for all the details on this exciting partnership...

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Freestyle Winter Sports Associations AFP and TTR Sign Letter-of-Intent

The Association of Freeskiing Professionals (AFP) and TTR Pro Snowboarding establish strategic alliance to ensure a strong and stable future for their sports

(Tahoe City, CA, USA / Scuol, Switzerland) December 2, 2015 — The Association of Freeskiing Professionals (AFP) and TTR Pro Snowboarding, the world’s leading associations of the most respected and globally recognized freestyle winter sports, have signed a far-reaching letter of intent to cooperate in key areas. Through sharing knowledge, resources and defining common pathways, the strategic alliance between the two organizations is aimed at improving and evolving the existing structure within each sport, while increasing global awareness for two of the most exciting winter action sports. AFP and TTR will focus on the further progression of competitive freeskiing and snowboarding. The partnership is based on mutual respect for the leadership and accomplishments of both organizations, along with a desire to support and promote each other in the pursuit of further progression and development within their respective sports, while protecting and representing the best interests of the sports and their athletes.

AFP and TTR will initially focus their collaboration of topics such as judging, contest formats, and athlete services. The organizations will look for synergies where possible, while at the same time maintaining and strengthening the unique characteristics that are fundamental to each sport, particularly the need for different judges for freeskiing and snowboarding events. Additionally, AFP and TTR have set a goal to bring together the world’s best athletes for a joint tour final of the AFP World Tour and World Snowboard Tour.

“AFP and TTR have a lot in common when it comes to how freestyle winter sports should develop and also the role athletes should play in their sports,” says Reto Lamm, President of TTR. “While we are competing in some areas, there are many more areas where we can create benefits for both sports through collaboration.”

“This collaboration will focus on maximizing the resources that our two sports share, resulting in greater returns for our athletes, our partners, our sports and our fans,” states AFP Executive Director Eric Zerrenner. “Both organizations have the same level of passion and commitment to growing their sports in the right way, and this collaboration exemplifies that.”

“Neither freeskiing nor snowboarding would be where they are today without the platforms provided by our two organizations,” says AFP Vice-President Michael Spencer.

About The Association of Freeskiing Professionals (AFP) & AFP World Tour
The Association of Freeskiing Professionals (AFP) represents freeskiing on a global level. Formed by athletes and ski industry professionals, the AFP’s goal is to grow the sport of freeskiing by clearly defining and consistently presenting the best in freeskiing competition. Our global freeskiing ranking system is the only globally- accepted ranking system in the world and is made possible by a network of worldwide-sanctioned AFP events. These sanctioned events make up the AFP World Tour. Through the global organization and consistency of ranking, judging, competition schedule and event sanctioning requirements, the AFP is able to name the undisputed men’s and women’s World Champions in the disciplines of Halfpipe, Slopestyle, Big Air and Overall. For more information on the Association of Freeskiing Professionals and the AFP World Tour, visit #AFPWorldTour

About TTR Pro Snowboarding & World Snowboard Tour
TTR Pro Snowboarding strives to promote competitive snowboarding in representing the interests of a professional network of events, athletes, national sport associations and industry partners. A Non-Profit organization, TTR Pro Snowboarding owns the World Snowboard Tour, the World Championships of Snowboarding, the TTR Tour Ranking and the widely respected global ranking system - the World Snowboarding Points Lists (WSPLs). By offering a fair, unbiased, global ranking platform, and through maintaining global competition, course-build, safety and judging standards, TTR brings transparency to the sport, across the freestyle disciplines of Halfpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air. Through TTR’s four-tiered Regional to Elite level tour structure, it encourages, develops and supports rider progression from rookies to world-class athletes, where the Elite level, WST events are the ultimate pinnacle of snowboarding competition. For more information on TTR Pro Snowboarding & the World Snowboard Tour, visit #WORLDSNOWBOARDTOUR #WSTELITE #WSTINTERNATIONAL #WSTNATIONAL #WSTREGIONAL

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