After a week of exclusive film and photo shoots on a stunningly creative setup, the 2023 Swatch Nines presented by Falken wrapped up on Saturday, April, 22nd with a ski and snowboard big air contest.

Thousands of spectators flocked to the slopes of the Schilthorn-Piz Gloria in Switzerland’s Bernese Alps to watch the invited riders take to the one-of-a-kind terrain park setup one final time in a friendly battle for the big air titles.

In the end, Austrian Clemens Millauer captured the win in the men’s snowboard contest, while Norwegian Johanne Killi claimed the top spot among the ski women, and Canadians Max Moffatt and Emeraude Maheux won the men’s ski and women’s snowboard categories.

Photo by Markus Fischer

An unconventional action-sports event series that puts the focus on creativity and progression, Swatch Nines creates a unique space for athletes to showcase their skills in a relaxed atmosphere.

Photo by Markus Fischer

The Big Air contest was held in an informal “jam session” format. Each athlete needed to land both a technical trick and a style trick, which were then combined for a final score.

Fabian Bösch. Photo by Markus Fischer

• The Swatch Nines brought together a diverse group of athletes from across the action-sports spectrum—skiers, snowboarders, skateboarders and bikers. The event was attended by over 60 athletes from 14 countries.

Clemens Millauer. Photo by Theo Acworth

• The 2023 setup featured an inventive big air jump with multiple takeoffs at different levels—a design never before seen in snow sports. The venue also included a three-sided transition feature including snow domes, tunnels, rails and a full wooden skate bowl for skateboarders and BMXers to session alongside the skiers and snowboarders.

Max Moffatt. Photo by Klaus Polzer

• The event location at the Schilthorn-Piz Gloria ski resort provided jaw-dropping views of the surrounding Bernese Alps, including a panoramic view of the iconic Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The location was immortalized in the 1969 James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, where the Piz Gloria mountain station served as the hideout for Bond’s nemesis Blofeld.


Johanne Killi. Photo by Klaus Polzer

Freeski Women

1) Johanne Killi (Style Trick: 540 Lead Blunt / Tech Trick: Switch Double Cork 10 Japan)
2) Sandra Eie (Style Trick: 360 Blunt / Tech Trick: Double Cork 12 Mute)
3) Mathile Gremaud (Style Trick: 360 In & Out Grab / Tech Trick: Double Cork 10 Safety)

Johanne Killi. Photo by Theo Acworth

Johanne Killi (NOR, Women’s Ski Big Air Winner)
“It was so much fun to ride here with all the snowboarders and freeskiers the whole week. Of course, I felt a little bit of pressure since it was a competition today. I threw down a switch double 1080, which is my biggest trick, and did some stylish tricks as well. I love the Nines family. It’s so special at the Nines and there’s so much space for creativity.”

Max Moffatt. Photo by Klaus Polzer

Freeski Men

1) Max Moffatt (Style Trick: Cork 360 Blunt Bringback / Tech Trick: Double Cork 14 Cuban)
2) Kim Gubser (Style Trick: Cork 540 Reverse Mute To Nose / Tech Trick: Switch Double 9 Bringback Reverse Mute)
3) Fabi Bösch (Style Trick: Rodeo 720 Double Nose / Tech Trick: Double Cork 16 Blunt To Blunt)

Max Moffatt. Photo by Theo Acworth

Max Moffatt (CAN, Men’s Ski Big Air Winner)
“Swatch Nines always provides a really fun environment. It’s pretty hard to replicate the atmosphere that they create here. It’s kind of being with a bunch of your best friends having fun and doing what they want. It’s just pure freedom, pure expression and no rules. That’s what makes it the best.”

Emeraude Maheux. Photo by Markus Fischer

Snowboard Women

1) Emeraude Maheux (Style Trick: Switch Backside 540 Indy / Tech Trick: Switch Backside 900 Weddle)
2) Anna Gasser (Style Trick: Switch Backside 540 Japan / Tech Trick: Backside 720 Indy)
3) Mathile Gremaud (Style Trick: Frontside 360 Indy / Tech Trick: Backside 720 Weddle)

Emeraude Maheux. Photo by Theo Acworth

Emeraude Maheux (CAN, Women’s Snowboard Big Air Winner)
“It was the first time I got invited to Swatch Nines and I am so grateful that I won the contest. I always dreamed of riding with these people that I’ve been watching for years. The setup is massive, it was the biggest jump I’ve ever hit in my life. It took me a while to get confident, but I was watching Anna Gasser and all the other riders, which really helped me to overcome my fear and just go for it!”

Clemens Millauer. Photo by Klaus Polzer

Snowboard Men

1) Clemens Millauer (Style Trick: Wildcat 180 Pullback / Tech Trick: Backside 16 Nose)
2) Moritz Boll (Style Trick: Backside Cork 360 Japan / Tech Trick: Backside 14 Japan)
3) Leon Vockensperger (Style Trick: Switch Backside 540 Melon To Indy / Tech Trick: Backside Triple 14)

Clemens Millauer. Photo by Theo Acworth

Clemens Millauer (AUT, Men’s Snowboard Big Air Winner)
“The whole week at the Swatch Nines was a complete success. It was a challenge weather-wise; we had everything from snow, wind and sun. Ending the week with a contest that I won is great of course, and makes me extremely happy. The location here on the Schilthorn is just perfect.”

Photo by Klaus Polzer

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