Sterik’s Freeski Showdown

What happens when you combine six disciplines of skiing into one event? It’s a question that's sure to be answered on March 18th, when the inaugural Sterik’s Freeski Showdown takes place at Blue Mountain, Ontario.

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Founded by brothers Stefan and Erik Mortveit, Sterik’s is an independent coaching business that consists of a team of all-terrain rippers who can be found tearing up the local Ontario scene. After growing up racing and eventually making the time-honoured pilgrimage to freesking, the Mortveits began to realize that the traditional method of pursuing and/or specializing in one discipline of the sport is no small feat. So in an effort to raise awareness towards the benefit of having an all-around on-hill skill set, they dreamed up the idea of a contest that would encompass as many aspects of skiing as possible.

The result is an ambitious event that’s set to combine racing, halfpipe, moguls, big mountain, skiercross and slopestyle on one ultimate playground of a course. From top to bottom, participants will be dealing with speed, fall-away turns, jumps, rails, transitions, rollers, quarterpipes, moguls, drops, berms, tight corners and so on as they drop into a traditional ski racing start, followed by a skiercross course, into a mogul field, a terrain park with jumps, rails and quarterpipes, and capped off with a token money booter at the bottom.

Sounds pretty rad, right? What’s even better is that there will be no winners, or losers, as in lieu of having a podium, the event will feature three categories (the MC’s Choice Awards, Battle Royals and Riders’ Choice Awards) and 40+ components competitors can be celebrated and awarded for, from the meanest twister-twister-spread, to a switch 1080, to fast and proper technical skills. All of this and more will take place over the course of two four-hour jam sessions, with prizing a plenty on hand from Line Skis, Full Tilt Boots, Arcade Belts, Apache Pine and DEFT Optics.

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The Sterik’s Freeski Showdown is open to anyone and everyone ages eight and up, and is sure to be one for the books, so get your butt to Blue Mountain on March 18th to join in the fun. For more in-depth information on the Sterik’s Freeski Showdown, and to register to participate, visit

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