Last week, Red Mountain Resort's CEO Howard Katkov and FrontFundr's COO Sean Burke hosted an hour-long online Q&A session, during which they answered an array of questions regarding Red's crowdfunding campaign, "Fight the Man. Own the Mountain."

For those who missed it, Red has made the webinar available in full below, and in the event that you don't have an hour to spare to take in the whole thing, here's some highlights of which questions were asked, complete with timestamps...

1:11 - Who is “The Man”?

4:10 - Can I buy a separate package for my grown up children?

5:33 - For US investors, when are we expected to see the documents and the ability for US investors to invest

7:00 - What will the membership clubhouse be like? Can we bring friends?

10:20 - Aside from the ownership portion, what are some of the tangible benefits?

12:24 - Is RED broke?

16:45 - What exactly does RED Mountain do and what is the investment going to?

18:25 - The charm of RED is that there is no large condo village at the base. Are you planning to change that?

21:00 - When should we expect this campaign to be locked in/completed and what do we do next to proceed?

23:00 - What will the new overnight cabins be like?

24:40 - How can investors in both Canada and the US leverage the benefits for the 17/18 ski season and beyond?

26:28 - How long do we have to invest? Will we be able to use the cabin and clubhouse perks this winter on our trip?

28:26 - So ‘Investment’ usually means a return on dollars committed. It sounds like this investment is part of the family or a return more familial in nature. Does social good dominate or parallel this investment going forward? What’s more quantifiable?

32:20 - Where will the proceeds be used and will money going back into your pockets personally?

35:18 - How many nights in a row can cabins be booked for? And is it $100 a night?

36:45 - Do you expect some people that are owners to try and get ski services such as rentals and food and beverage for free because they are owners?

37:48 - Can you describe your 4 season model and sustainability plan?

41:05 - Could the same person purchase multiples of the same package?

42:20 - Can you describe any significant expansion or upgrade plans? By the way, this is awesome!

46:30 - What will investors actually own? And in the event of a sale, do investors have any say in what part of the assets or what is part of the divestment?

49:10 - Are there any new infrastructure projects that will connect Rossland to the rest of the world – like an airport? Does the city of Rossland itself have any plans for growth or investment?

53:38: - This is my first time coming to RED this winter – really looking forward to it and I love the campaign!

56:51 - For the designs for the cabins and lodge and other additions will you consider sustainability and environmental impact, and things like reusable energy?

57:50 - Whats the process to ‘gift’ my investment?

59:15 - Any news on when internationals can invest?

For more information on Red Mountain Resort's crowdfunding campaign, visit

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