Last week, the ski, snowboard and outdoor industries converged in The Mile High City of Denver, Colorado for the biggest annual snow sports trade show in North America: Outdoor Retailer. And naturally, we at Forecast were front and centre to talk shop, trade high-fives and partake in some merrymaking while checking out the best of next year’s gear. So now that we’ve caught up on some much-needed siestas over the weekend, we’re pleased to present you with a product preview from some of the industry’s top brands. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more in-depth info on the following swag when it hits the shelves of your favourite ski shops this fall…


Armada's Zero Series: ARG II, Whitewalker (designed by Sammy Carlson), ARV 116 JJ Ultralite, Stranger and BDog Edgeless.

Their classic ARV Series.

The Tracer Series.

The all-new and expanded Declivity Series, influenced by Tof Henry and Todd Ligare.

Armada's lineup of branded bindings, including the all-new Shift MNC 10.


Black Crows' Corvus, Atris and Anima.

The Nocta, Captis, Camox and Justis.

The female-focused Birdie Series.


Blizzard's Rustler and Sheeva lines.

The revamped Cochise 106, Bonafide 97, Brahma 88 and Brahma 82, with TrueBlend technology, which you can read all about by clicking here.

The all-new, multi-length Spur, which was designed in conjunction with CMH Heli-Skiing.

The Zero G line.

The redesigned women's Black Pearl line.


A look at Tecnica's boot lineup...

The Tecnica Mach 1 MV 130, with T-Drive technology, which you can read all about by clicking here.


Bolle's expanded line of helmets...

Bolle Goggles, including the Nevada Neo in the middle, which comes equipped with a multi-magnetic lens.

The retro and snazzy looking Chronoshield sunglasses.


Dakine, makers of the best backpacks in the biz...

A look at Dakine's impressive lineup of signature series backpacks...

Ski bags galore, for all your travelling needs...

A sneak peek at some of Dakine's outerwear...

And of course, their broad lineup of gloves.


Dynastar's all-new, awesome-looking lineup of skis for next season...

The M Series: M-Free 118, M-Free 108, M-Tour 98 and the Vertical 88, the latter two of which are specifically designed for ski touring.

The M-Pro Pro Rider, M-Pro 99, M-Pro 90, M-Pro 84 and women's M-Pro 99 and M-Pro 84.

The Menace line, which carries over from this season.


Lange continues to step it up with their brand new XT3 boot.


New colourways on the Look Pivot 18, along with the all-new Pivot 15.

Look's mid-range bindings.


Elan has revamped their award-winning Ripstick line.

The Ripstick W line.

The Wingman line, designed for on-piste ripping.

The women's version of the Wingman line: the Wildcat.


Faction continues to bring the heat (specifically with this monoski!) while streamlining their well-rounded offering of skis...

The Prodigy Series.

The Dictator Series.

The Agent Series.

The 1.0 X and 2.0 X


Head's bombproof line of Kore and Kore W skis.

Head's lineup of park skis, including the Framewall, Caddy, The Show, Caddy Jr. and Souphead.

The Supershape and V-Shape lines, for hard-charging on the groomers.

The women's Joy series.

Head boots.


K2's award-winning Mindbender line, with the women's 85, 90C, 88Ti, 98Ti, 106C and 115C on the left, and the men's 85, 90C, 90Ti, 99Ti, 108Ti and 116C on the right.

The brand-new, playful, powder-focused Reckoner 102, 112 and 122.

K2's women's and men's park skis (the Empress, Misconduct, Press, Sight and Poacher), and the touring-focused Wayback line.

K2's recently launched Disruption line, which you can learn all about by clicking here.

K2 continues to crush it with their boots, highlighted by the Mindbender line in the top left.

K2's expanded offering of poles and helmets.


Le Bent was turning heads at the show with their fun and technical line of ski socks, highlighted by Cody Townsend, Elyse Saugstad and Sammy Carlson pro models (close-up of them below)...


Liberty's Origin 96, Origin 106 and Origin 112.

The women's version of the Origin line: the Genesis 90, Genesis 96 and Genesis 106.

The revamped Evolv line.

The women's Evolv line.

The Helix 84, Helix 88 and Helix 98.

The on-piste focused V line.


One of the more talked about skis at the show, Line's first on-piste-focused ski: The Blade.

Line's Vision series, with the all-new 118 on the left.

The brainchildren of Eric Pollard: the Pescado, Sakana, Outline and Sir Francis Bacon.

The award-winning Sick Day series.

The redesigned Blend and Tom Wallisch Pro.

The Chronic, Honey Badger and Honey Bee.

The women's focused Pandora series.


Sammy Carlson's new backcountry-focused pro model boot from Full Tilt.

The Tom Wallisch and B&E (Phil 'B-Dog' Casabon & Henrik 'E-Dollo' Harlaut) pro models, along with the Soul Sister 90 and Drop Kick Pro.

The Descendant line.

The Kicker, and Full Tilt's uber-comfy lineup of apres booties.


Nordica's renowned, all-mountain-focused Enforcer and powder-focused Enforcer Free lines.

The on-piste-focused Navigator and freestyle-focused Soul Rider series.

The women-specific, all-mountain-focused Santa Ana series.

The women-specific, on-piste-focused Astral series.

A look at Nordica's top-notch collection of boots...

The all-new, throwback, convenience-focused HF line of boots, which come with removable liners, in contrast to the rear-entry-style boots from back in the day.


A sneak peek at O'Neill's incredibly good looking line of outerwear...

Men's jackets.

Women's jackets and pants.


Here's a quick look at what Oakley has in store for next season...

... which is highlighted by two new goggles: the Flight Path and Flight Tracker.

Oakley outerwear...

The Mod 1 Helmet, which debuted this winter.

And of course, more sunglasses than you can shake a stick at.


Sustainability is the name of the game for Picture Organic Clothing, which is why they've incorporated XPore technology (an eco-friendly waterproof-breathable fabric) into this jacket. Learn more at xpore-global.com.

They've also impressively developed a waterproof jacket made of castor oil and sugar cane waste... yeah, you read that right.


Out with the old and in with the new: Rossignol has ditched their classic 7 Series in favour of bringing an expanded Blackops line out of the shadows, which you can read all about by clicking here. Seen here: the Blackops Sender Ti and corresponding outerwear, boots and accessories.

The Blackops Gamer, Blackops Holyshred, Blackops Sender, Blackops Alpineer and Blackops Escaper.

The women's line: Blackops Rallybird Ti, Blackops Rallybird, Blackops Trailblazer, Blackops Blazer, Blackops Stargazer.

The always consistent Experience line, for all your corduroy shredding needs.

Rossignol boots.


Here's a preview of a fraction that Scott, your one-stop shop for all things skiing, has in store for next season...

Scott boots.

Scott helmets.

Scott helmets and goggles...

... including an all-new, ridiculously good-looking frame.

Scott's original product: their industry leading line of poles...

Scott's next-level and backcountry guide-approved line of backpacks.

Scott toques and gloves.


Smith is stepping into the alpine market with a race-focused helmet.

More of Smith's helmets, including the all-new Altus.

The brand-new Squad MAG Goggle.

The revolutionary 4D Mag Goggle, with more downward vision than any other goggle on the market.

More of Smith's goggles.

Athlete Collection goggles.

Artist Series goggles.

Smith's famous ChromaPop technology.


A glimpse at Swany's always impressive, wide-ranging and world-renowned lineup of gloves.


The North Face's new CloudDown outerwear.

A sneak peek at some of the colour schemes for next season that come equipped with The North Face's game-changing FutureLight technology...


And for the final brand on the ski front, here's a look at what Volkl has on the horizon...

The Rise Beyond, BMT 90, BMT 109, Bash 81, Bash 86W, Bash 86, Revolt 87, Revolt 95, Revolt 104 and Revolt 121.

The Kanjo 84, Kendo 88, M5 Mantra, Mantra 102, Katana 108 and all-new Blaze line: Blaze 94W, Blaze 94, Blaze 106W and Blaze 106.

The Mantra V.Werks, Katana V.Werks, Yumi 80, Yumi 84, Kenja 88, Secret 92 and Secret 102.


A quick look at Dalbello's new boots.


Marker's Royal Family of bindings.

And last but most certainly not least, quite possibly the hottest topic at the show, the Duke PT, which you can read all about by clicking here...

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