Orage is proud to announce the launch of a new brand logo, marking the most dramatic change in its visual identity since 1989. Using a completely new mark, a clean and sophisticated look, the logo better reflects the brand today as it heads toward its 30th anniversary in September 2019.

Why change it? Firstly, it’s not change for the sake of change. ‘’We needed to mark the new era of Orage. Our new logo better communicates what Orage stood for at the beginning and what it stands for today,‘’ says Orage Founder and Owner Eric d’Anjou. ‘’It needed to represent our uniqueness, our playground and had to look technical’’.

‘’The old logo had so many different elements, which limited the possibilities in terms of creati- vity and design. By simplifying the logo we have improved not only its reading and the recogni- tion of the brand but also its versatility. This allows us greater creative latitude in product and marketing. Through its clean and minimal signature, the logo is a reflection of Orage’s creative vision’’, says Creative Director Frederic Dorais.

‘’We wanted our logo to be relevant for our customers and strengthen our positioning.’’ Adds Marketing Manager Emilie Tétreault. ‘’The new logo tells the story of our playground, where we draw our inspiration. It showcases the protection that our products offer in that environment, while displaying our unique positioning in the marketplace.’’

Since 1989 Orage has looked limitations in the eye and walked straight past them. Inspired by those who live and love the mountain lifestyle, Orage innovates unique designs with an ethical consciousness, a passion for self-expression and a love of adventure.

The new visual identity presents the company as modern and evolving, reflects the strength and direction of the brand, and underscores its commitment to designing premium technical products.

For more information on Orage, visit orage.com.

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