Over the past decade, Nordica’s Enforcer and Santa Ana ski collections have played a considerable role in defining the company and the all-mountain ski category. Today the company announced it has completely revised the award-winning skis for the 2025 season.

“‘Every year we obsess over how we can improve the Enforcer and Santa Ana skis,” said Sam Beck, Nordica’s North American business unit director. “For many, these skis have earned the spot of the trusted go-to daily driver. The one you grab, and you know you won't regret it. So, why are we changing them?”

“We fundamentally believe we can always make things better, we can always push the envelope, making a ski that is more fun and more accessible, while at the same time bringing the same Enforcer and Santa Ana feel so many skiers have come to love,” explains Ethan Korpi, Nordica’s North American product marketing director. “We knew how we wanted the new skis to ski and what we wanted to improve, which resulted in new designs, constructions, waist widths, sizes, and rocker profiles.”

In both collections, the biggest transformation is the addition of a noteworthy amount of rocker height and depth to the tail shapes, finely tuned to each model’s unique waist width and intended use, making them easier to maneuver at any speed, regardless of ability. The shovel radius for each model has also been proportionally increased, allowing the tips to interact with the snow for smoother and easier steering and turn engagement.

Nordica also added its Pulse Core technology, a rubber elastomer layer, to the skis’ layup. The new Enforcers' use the lines proven construction of a wood core sandwiched between two sheets of metal, with an added layer of Pulse Core bonded between the top layer of metal and the wood core. On the Santa Anas, Pulse Core is bonded to the top of the wood core and underneath a sheet of Nordica’s Terrain-Specific Metal (TSM) – a layer of metal tuned specifically to each ski based on underfoot width and intended terrain use.

“So, what do they ski like?'' asks Korpi. “They have a much more unlocked feeling throughout the tail, easier to control, smoother, and more playful with a larger sweet spot, but then again, they still have all the heart that we built into the original Enforcers and Santa Anas, and then some.”

Celebrating the Enforcers 10th anniversary, they will be available in four waist widths—104, 99, 94, and 89mm, sizes 167, 173, 179, 185, 191cm, with MSRPs ranging from $899.95 to $749.95.

Santa Anas will be available in four waist widths—102, 97, 92, and 87mm, sizes 155, 161, 167, 173, 179, with MSRPs from $899.95 to $749.95.

Both collections will be available for consumer purchase at retail by February 1, 2024.

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