Marker, the German ski binding specialist, is expanding its touring range with a light, robust and highly functional PinTech binding for alpine and high alpine use. After the success of the Kingpin launch in 2015, the Marker Alpinist marks a new milestone in the development of touring bindings. 

Based in the Bavarian town of Penzberg, Marker has been revolutionizing ski bindings in terms of protection and performance for over 66 years, whether for alpine skiing, freeriding or ski touring. After the success of the Marker Kingpin touring binding, two years of development led to the creation of the Marker Alpinist—the next game-changer in the alpine ski touring segment. The light weight of the binding paired with countless innovative features makes the Alpinist a pioneering product in the industry and a reliable choice for alpine use.

Light and innovative
Weighing just 245 grams (excl. brakes), the new Alpinist by Marker is unique in its combination of innovative features and lightweight technology, made possible by a new construction with high-tech materials in the toe and heel piece. The toe piece is both lighter and stiffer compared to similar models due to 30% long-fibre carbon reinforcement, which makes it possible to use just two springs. The Alpinist’s heel piece has three climbing positions: 0°, 5° and 9°, which can be comfortably adjusted using the tip of a ski pole. The default position when skinning up is 5°—a quick 180° spin of the heel piece enables the 0° and 9° adjustments. A distinguishing feature compared to other PinTech bindings is the 0° option for long, flat sections. The Fast Shift Mode is positioned on a 45° angle, making it even quicker and easier to operate the climbing aids.
The Alpinist features a sole length adjustment of 15 millimetres in total (+- 7.5 mm) to fit any compatible ski boot. An active length compensation of up to 4mm comes into play when the ski is flexed at both tip and tail, to prevent unintentional release. Visual guide points that make it easy to correctly position the pins when stepping in. Specially developed Anti Ice Pads prevent the areas under the springs and the brakes from icing up in sub-zero temperatures. Dynamic rubber inserts ensure that ice breaks off when opening and closing the toe piece.

The wide 38-millimetre drill pattern offers excellent power transmission to the ski. The adjustable Heel Side Release triggers reliably in the case of a fall and the vertical release is controlled via an integrated U-bow.

The Alpinist is available in two different DIN-Versions (4-9 & 6-12) to cater to all levels of performance.

All PinTech crampons by Marker, including a new 80 millimetre version, are compatible with the Kingpin and the new Alpinist bindings.

Key Features of the Marker Alpinist

• 245 g excl. brake / 335 g incl. brake
• 4-9 and 6-12 DIN Versions
• Anti Ice Pads
• Heel Side Release
• 0°/5°/9° climbing aids with Fast Shift Mode on 45° angle
• Ultra-light twin spring toe piece with 30 % carbon reinforcement
• 15 mm (+- 7.5 mm) sole length adjustment
• Rental model with 35-millimetre sole length adjustment
• Active length compensation of up to 4 mm when ski is flexed
• Wide 38 mm drill pattern for excellent power transmission
• Brake width: 90mm / 105mm / 115mm
• All PinTech crampons are compatible with KINGPIN and ALPINIST bindings: 80mm / 90mm / 105mm / 120mm
• Newly developed Alpinist Leash incl. ski boot fastening ring (optional)

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