For the Low Pressure Podcast’s milestone 200th episode, Mark Warner sits down with the man who was on Episode 1 and 100, Ian McIntosh. McIntosh was an influential part of why the Low Pressure Podcast exists, and over the course of their three conversations, you get a unique look at his evolution as a person and an athlete.

Photo by Bruno Long

McIntosh is at the tail end of his pro skiing career and discusses how important it is for him to have a plan for the future, which includes transitioning to become a guide after recently receiving his Canadian Ski Guide Association Level Guide Certificate. He also recounts his point of view on Nick McNutt’s avalanche and the subsequent transceiver debacle, along with chatting about his continued climate activism, his purchase of a sailboat and dream to sail the world with his girls to expose them to as many adventures and cultures as possible, and much, much more in this episode that you won’t want to miss.


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