With Jackson Hole’s third annual Kings & Queens of Corbet’s having taken place earlier this week, settle in for the latest episode of the Low Pressure Podcast to listen to the man who announced his arrival to the ski world at last year’s event, Trevor Kennison. Airing into Corbet’s is an impressive feat for the able-bodied, but Trevor did so on a sit-ski, which instantly elevated him to legendary status and kick-started his career as a professional skier.

In this episode, Trevor digs deep and explains the history leading up to two moments that changed his life forever. First his accident, then the triumphant air into Corbet’s. He also talks about his life as a high school athlete and how a series of injuries led him to becoming addicted to painkillers, before eventually cleaning himself up and moving to Colorado, where he rekindled his love for snowboarding and his accident took place.


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